Y7 Information 2023

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Joining - Year 7

All admissions to Year 7 must be submitted through the council. The only exception to this is "In Year" admissions which are after the school year has begun.

Year 7 admission timeline

Early September  

Prospectus packs are sent to all Year 6 pupils in local primary schools inviting them to attend our Open Evening.

Mid September  

Norton Hill Open Evening. This is an opportunity for prospective parents and pupils to view the school, meet the staff and current pupils. A range of activities is on offer within the different subject areas, with the aim of providing a flavour of what life would be like at Norton Hill. There is also an opportunity to hear from the Headteacher, senior staff and pupils about what makes Norton Hill so special.


After Open Evening, daytime tours of the school are available – we would encourage all prospective pupils and parents to visit to see the school at work.

31st October  

The national deadline for applications. Any applications or changes received after this date are classed as “late” and won’t be considered until after all the “on time” applications have been processed.


Local Authorities liaise and allocate places based on our published admissions criteria (which can be found in our Admissions Policy here).

Beginning of March  

National offer date. Local Authorities will inform their own residents of places offered, either by second class post or via email for online applications.

Mid March  

Parents must reply to offers made by this date. Once all responses received, late applications and changes of preference can then be considered.

Mid April  

Local Authorities confirm final list of pupils to schools.

Late May/Early June  

Appeals are heard for any children who were unsuccessful in gaining a place. We understand that it can be unsettling when there is uncertainty about a school place, so we do our best to organise appeals as soon as we possibly can, and certainly well before the national deadline of 6th July. Please see Appeals Timetable here.


Visits to pupils at their primary school. As soon as all the visits to the local primaries have been completed, our transition team spend draw up the tutor groups to ensure a fair mix of gender and ability.

July (First Thursday)  

All Year 6 children spend the day at Norton Hill. This is when they meet their tutor and tutor group for the first time; have the opportunity to sample some lessons and experience moving around the school to change classrooms.