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Homework is part of the learning process at Norton Hill 

It is invaluable as it supports the following:

  • Parental involvement in learning
  • Independence and resilience in learning
  • Consolidation and practise of recent learning in Core subjects like English, Maths and Science

We include a wide range of engaging projects as part of homework, which encourage personal investigation, and builds time-management skills. We also have 'independent reading' as a part of the homework process, which will provide students with a further opportunity to pursue their own interests through the book they choose to read. 

Parents can best support their child by helping them have a regular space and time each evening to complete their homework, with an increasing amount of time expected for each year group to spend on it, each evening. We encourage parents to contact the school if the homework is proving too difficult, or not challenging enough, so we can adapt the support we provide in class. We ask that students try to attempt homework on the night it is set, so it completed more easily, and that they take no more than an hour each night - and sometimes less than this. 

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