Guided Choices

In order to access our OPTIONS WEBSITE below, parents and students will need to login with a Midsomer Norton Partnership email account. This can be your child's Norton Hill email address / login. 

Please access the Options Website after you have read the timeline, below.

Visit the Options Website:

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Timeline for Guided Options:

From November

  • Students in Y9 start to consider their future GCSE choices for Y10 in both tutor time and PSHE from September.  

From December

  • Students will be informed of the Pathway which is most appropriate to them.

  • Students and their parents / carers will receive access to online Guided Choices information which provides comprehensive detail on all the courses available, whether core subjects, or ones they can opt for. This is accessed via the link above.

  • If your child is invited onto PATHWAY ONE - The Applied Learning Certificate (a pathway students are invited on in order to provide extra support), then you will be contacted by Mr Coney, and invited to a separate meeting, which will take place in December. More detail about Pathway 1 will be discussed, then.

  • Mr Phillips, Deputy Head, will begin discussing with students / parents any questions they have about options or the pathway they are on.

From January

  • There will be a 'Guided Choices' Evening on Thursday, January 11th, starting at 5.50pm.  This will allow you to meet with students and teachers on each of the courses, to find out more about the content, and ask questions.

  • An ONLINE GOOGLE OPTION FORM will be released after the ‘Guided Choices’ Evening, and emailed to all students. Parents can access this alongside their child, with the student email account.

  • On Thursday 18th January, there will be a PARENT/CARER EVENING, giving you the opportunity to find out in more detail about the progress made by your child from their teachers. You will also have received a report on student progress by this time.

  • The deadline for completing the Google Options Form for Guided Choices is Monday 22nd January. 

From February

  • Mr Phillips, Deputy Head, will work with parents and students to choose the most appropriate courses, and also to discuss alternatives when certain combinations are not possible.

  • This is also an opportunity for students who want to promote themselves from Pathway 2 to Pathway 3, to discuss further with Mr Phillips.

From March

  • Whilst we encourage students to reconsider choices if they have concerns, there will be fewer opportunities for swaps to be made from March.

From May

  • We will confirm the options that students are booked onto by the end of may - by email.

  • Any option changes after this point will be based on availability, and students may be placed on a waiting list for spaces to open up.


For more information about options, please contact Mr Phillips, Deputy Headteacher, via the school.