About Norton Hill School

Norton Hill is a co-educational, non-selective 11-18 school. Our students come from Midsomer Norton and the surrounding villages of North East Somerset. Norton Hill School prides itself on providing a secure, stable and well-ordered environment based on traditional values and genuine care and concern for individuals.

We have just over 1800 students at the school of whom 400 are in the Midsomer Norton Sixth Form. In September 2016 we increased our Year 7 entry to eleven tutor groups, in response to a growing demand for places at Norton Hill.

Students at Norton Hill belong to one of five houses: Blackdown, Cotswold, Exmoor, Mendip and Quantock. The House system ensures that every student is known individually, whilst enjoying the opportunities that a large school can offer. 

“The Best For All Our Students”
“The Best From All Our Students”

Outstanding Achievement

Norton Hill is one of the highest performing schools in the country, with students of all abilities making outstanding progress.

Excellence for All
Results at Norton Hill have been consistently high over a long period of time. In Key Stage 3 students make excellent progress in their first three years. We have a particularly impressive set of statistics related to the English Baccalaureate where we rank in the top three schools in the whole of BANES and our A level results are very strong across the breadth of the curriculum areas.

Individual Progress
These excellent results are, in part, due to the imaginative curriculum which caters for the needs of all learners at each stage of their education and development. The more able are stretched with a range of academic courses, such as, dual Modern Foreign Languages and Computer Science, and programmes to support Gifted and Talented students.  We are equally proud of the success of those who find learning more challenging.  We invest condsiderably in additional support for those who need it, with programmes to boost literacy, numeracy and other key skills courses across all year groups.

All students have targets which are regularly reviewed to ensure they are making good progress. Assessments and marking help students to understand what they need to do to move to the next level or grade.

Midsomer Norton Sixth Form
Our Sixth Form is very well respected in the local area, with the vast majority of students attaining the higher grades enabling them to go on to tertiary education including the most prestigious universities e.g. Oxford and Cambridge. We also have links to Harvard University and where possible we encourage students to broaden their horizons and not limit themselves to just local institutions. To find out more, please visit our sixth form website: www.mnspsixthform.org.uk