Curriculum Vision

Our Curriculum - broad and balanced

If you require specific information about the curriculum, please contact Mr Phillips, Deputy Head, at the school.

The curriculum at Norton Hill supports and challenges  all students to achieve their personal best and develop resilience, empathy, curiosity, optimism, determination, enthusiasm and self-control. We deliver a wide range of academic, vocational and creative qualifications which prepare students for their next stage of education, as well as ensuring that they develop personal interests, along with an understanding of the important role they are able to play within society. Above all, we want students to value their learning, and feel valued through it, in a safe and happy environment.

The Norton Hill curriculum promotes British Values and ensures students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development. Lessons in Dance, Drama, Music, Art, PE, Design and Technology complement classroom-based subjects and provide KS3 students with opportunities to succeed in performance, creativity, design and physical activity. Understanding our role in the international community is why we ensure that students study at least one language at KS3, and that it is also available for all students at KS4 as part of the options process.

For a detailed overview of how our curriculum works, and how it supports SEND students, differentiates successfully, supports the development of literacy and numeracy across the school, as well as preparing students to become active citizens with a healthy lifestyle, please follow the link to the ‘NHS Curriculum rationale’

NHS Curriculum Rationale September 2022

For further details about our Curriculum Intent, please use the following link:

The Norton Hill Curriculum

Key Stage 3 Curriculum:

The KS3 curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, from core, traditional academic subjects, to creative and expressive subjects. At Norton Hill school, whilst students are always building knowledge and skills to prepare them for Key Stage 4, we have the opportunity at KS3 to explore a wider range of knowledge, ideas and experiences, so that all students have had the same opportunities to develop as fully rounded students.

The subjects covered are:

English, Maths, Science, French, Philosophy and Belief (including Religious Education), History, and Geography, Art, Drama / Dance, Music, Technology, IT, PSHE, Games / PE.

KS3 Curriculum at Norton Hill

Key Stage 4 Curriculum:

All students continue with Maths, English Language and Literature, a Humanities from History or Geography, and Science. They are offered pathways that allow them to specialise in a language, or take an IT option. We are proud of the strong outcomes students achieve each year.

For full details of the time allocation for each subject, and setting arrangements, please use the following link:

KS4 Curriculum

For full details of the subjects on offer at KS4, alongside the exam boards we use, and average grades from 2019 to 21, please follow the link:

KS4 Curriculum by Subjects