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Pupil Premium

Norton Hill School acknowledges the need for Pupil Premium students to make as good or better progress than other students in their year group. Without seeking to generalise, these students may encounter greater barriers than other students and staff should seek, wherever possible, to mitigate these barriers. To help ensure the progress of these students, some non-negotiable standards are outlined in our Pupil Premium Policy (see link below). Where required, PP students will receive intervention for literacy and numeracy in addition to their usual lessons.

Norton Hill Pupil Premium Provision Map
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Norton Hill Pupil Premium Expenditure for 2016/17 and Proposed spend for 2017/18 Report
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Children Looked After Expenditure Report 2016/17
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Pupil Premium Policy
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Barriers to learning for vulnerable children
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Raising the achievement of Pupil Premium students
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Senior Member of Staff Responsible for Pupil Premium: Dr James Stewart-Cox, Assistant Head