House System

An environment based on traditional values, where genuine care and concern is at the heart of student achievement.

Although Norton Hill may seem a large school to many parents, we ensure every student is known and valued through our House system. It is organised to make sure that every student’s personal and academic growth and happiness are closely monitored.

When a student joins Year 7 they work closely with their Tutor who they will see them twice a day. The Tutor is the first point of contact for the student and parents if worries arise or for information on progress or welfare. The Tutor will normally stay with the Tutor Group from Year 7 through to Year 11. This allows students, parents and the Tutor to build the positive relationship which underpins academic success.

Each of the five Houses contains at least two Tutor Groups from each year and has its own distinctive tie and House area. Students are rightly proud of their House’s identity and take an active role in the running of the House through a myriad of inter-House competitions, the House Council and charity events.

Each House is managed by a Head of House who is supported by an Assistant Head of House who does not teach. This ensures they are easily accessible for both students and parents. The Houses are each based around an academic area and provide a space where the students from the House can relax at break and lunchtime.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Gibbs, Assistant Head. 

House Name Blackdown Cotswold Exmoor Mendip Quantock
Tie Colour Purple Yellow Blue Red Green
Head of House Mrs Truscott Mrs Roberts Mr Elstob Mr Ugarow Mrs Jubb
Assistant Head of House Mrs McDermott Mrs Green Miss Wise Mrs Graham Miss Lambert




Individual Care

We aim to ensure each student is supported and encouraged to reach the highest standard they are capable of, both in their academic and personal development.

At the core of this lies our monitoring systems and three-way working relationship between students, parents and school staff.

Students’ progress and well-being are continually monitored by both subject staff and the Tutor. Students receive regular mentoring from their Tutor allowing early intervention where necessary if students are not reaching their full potential. Parents are kept fully informed of their child’s progress and can contact the House or subject staff at any point if they have concerns.

Every student is set challenging target levels and grades based on their prior attainment. Their progress towards these is regularly fed back to parents through the progress reports, Parents’ Evening and the annual Full School Report.

Additionally we have an Academic Review in November when the Tutor meets with the student and their parents/guardians to give an overview of progress, strengths and areas for development. During this meeting an action plan is agreed to help the student understand the steps they need to undertake to progress further.

As students move through the school there are additional events where required e.g. Options Evenings and Revision Skills Evening.

Links with Home

We rely on our close partnership with parents to maintain the high standards and positive atmosphere exhibited by our students.

As you would expect, we ask parents to take an active role in the support of their child’s progress in school. To this end we stress that parents are always welcome to contact and visit the school.

We have a Home-School Agreement which the student, parents and school sign. This outlines the commitment each will make to ensure students make the optimal progress during their time at Norton Hill.