Erasmus teachers - November 2017

On Tuesday the 7th November, Norton Hill School was host to seven teachers who were visiting from a variety of European countries to observe and learn from top British Schools as part of the Erasmus+ program. Teachers from Italy, Spain and Croatia spent the day working with teachers from the ICT and English departments and also meeting with the Senior Leadership Team to understand and experience the vision and ethos of Norton Hill.

The aim of the day was for teachers on both sides to share expertise and best practice to help further improve their schools. Feedback from the visiting teachers was overwhelmingly positive with particular mention going to 'fantastic facilities and resources' and 'positive relationships' with students. Sophie Davis, lead teacher for international education, said, 'The day was extremely enlightening for both Norton Hill staff and the European teachers. It's fantastic that our staff are able to take part in such events, learning skills which will in turn benefit our students'.

Throughout the day, the visiting teachers were able to see a variety of lessons and meet with key members of staff, deepening their understanding of the systems that are in place that ensure Norton Hill is such a supportive and highly successful secondary school. Mr Green, Headteacher of Norton Hill commented 'We were delighted to share our ideas and discuss opportunities to collaborate even further with other European Schools. I am certain the forging such positive relationships with some of European colleagues will help further cement our ability to deliver the best opportunities and education for our students here.'

Plans are already underway to welcome even more European leaders of education to work with Norton Hill School.