Guided Choices at KS4 for Year 9 into Year 10

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Students in Y9 start to consider their future GCSE choices for Y10 in both tutor time and PSHE from September.  

In December, students receive access to online Guided Choices information which provides comprehensive detail on all the courses available, whether core subjects, or ones they can opt for.

If your child is involved in the Applied Learning Certificate (a pathway students are invited on in order to provide extra support), then you will be contacted by Mr Coney, and invited to a separate meeting, which will take place in December. Pathway 1 Guided Choices information will be handed out, then.

On Thursday13th January, there will be a Guided Choices Evening, where further information about the process is shared.

After the Guided Choices evening, the ONLINE option form will be released, with parents being emailed a ‘Google Form’. More information about how to access and use this form will be given on the evening. A ‘practice’ form is included in the Guided Choices Booklet for you to discuss with your son / daughter before the evening.

On Thursday 20th January, there will be a Parents Evening, giving you the opportunity to find out in more detail about the progress made by your son/daughter from their teachers. You will also have received a report on student progress by this time.

The deadline for completing the Google Form for Guided Choices is Monday 24th January


We have developed the options process into three clear pathways. These pathways are part of a careers programme that engage students in considering future education and careers, based on their present attainment and future aspirations. The pathways are a guide, and students often request to move between them as part of the decision making process. They also allow students to access all subjects, but provide recommendations on which may best suit students aspirations and present attainment across the curriculum.

For full details of the options offered in Y10, September 2022, then please follow the link provided:

Click here for Options Website


Pathway 1: The Applied Learning Certificate

  • The first pathway caters for 10% of students who benefit from extra support in Language. 

  • They do not study a MFL, but receive extra intervention time for both English and Maths. 

  • They all take Geography, and this is supported by a ‘hands on’ navigation triple lesson each fortnight. This is led by a specialist Geography teacher, who ensures that the experience also links to the GCSE. 

  • Students also prepare for other certificates in food & hygiene, first aid, as well as an IT qualification. 

  • Students have access to all other subjects 

Pathway 2: iMedia instead of a Language

  • Students have access to all option subjects

  • Students do not study a Language, but take iMedia, instead. This allows students to develop key commercial IT skills, without the extra demands of a GCSE subject – so reducing the amount of revision they need to complete in Y11.

  • Students choose between Geography and History

  • Students have 2 further choices

Pathway 3: Language

  • Students have access to all subjects, although some choices between TECH AWARDS and GCSEs have been removed – where the GCSE is more appropriate.

  • Students automatically take a MFL

  • Students choose between Geography and History

  • Students have 2 further choices

  • Computer Science – based on progress in maths and KS3 computing is highly recommended


All students take the combined Science GCSE. Some students are chosen for the Triple science GCSE, based on progress they make in Y9, and at the start of Y10. As Y9 Science is given more curriculum time than 8 and 7, it allows Science to have started the course earlier, and fit in either Triple science, or extra time to revise and revisit the topics.

Guidance on vocational subjects

All students have access to all subjects. 

For Modern Foreign Languages, all students (apart from those with specific SEND, on a skills pathway at KS3) have access to Languages at KS4. We guide students onto pathways that encourage them to take a Language, or to take an alternative subject instead, iMedia. Some students are identified for the Applied Learning Pathway - this allows them to reduce their subjects by not taking iMedia, and offers them more support in core subjects.

All students will continue to take a Humanities subject.

We have included vocational subjects that allow progression to our sixth form, and other local sixth forms / colleges. This means that we have identified study routeways that can lead to employment locally, after KS5.

For more information about options, please contact Mr Phillips, via the school.